Chris Pascual

Chris grew up playing baseball. His career extended through the collegiate level playing at San Diego Christian College. He currently, works with major league athletes during their off-season and focuses on working every individual enhance their performance by helping them get stronger, faster and improve their overall athleticism.


Juan Guadarrama 

Juan grew up playing competitive soccer, then turned strength coach post college. His experiences range from brief military training to driving ambulances. His passion lies with enabling athletes to reach their potential through strength training. He spends his time coaching the DEUCE Strength program, Strongest On The Field Radio Host, Venice Beach FC, and coaching Crossfit. 


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Ronnie Lopez

Ronnie was born in Dallas,Texas but calls California home. Ronnie graduated, and played collegiate baseball at Chapman University where he participated in three Division III College World Series. He was introduced to functional movement and asked to deeply think about methods of training by Logan Gelbrich. Having a passion for sports, and human movement in general, Ronnie is a student of sports movement. He believes learning is never complete and the key to success as an athlete and coach is adopting a growth mindset.